MapD is at the forefront of location intelligence for big data, combining unprecedented volumes of geospatial and BI data in one interactive experience.

Map Billions of Data Points. Billions, with a B.

MapD is a radical geospatial analytics breakthrough, enabling you to visualize up to billions of data points on maps, with zero latency interactivity. Chart and map many layers of data from multiple sources.


See Geospatial Data in Context

MapD geo charts cross-filter by any non-geo factors that make mapped data meaningful. See important information in its location, and when you move to a new location see how the data changes.

Explore Across Space and Time

MapD gives you the unparalleled power to filter big geolocation datasets across time. By brushing across a time-series graph, watch how a location changed over days, months or years. It only takes you a second.

"This is a watershed moment for geospatial analytics. MapD is probably the most important advance in the last 15 years for a geospatial analyst who needs to tear into very large data tables and get answers in real time."

Rich Sutton, VP of Geospatial, Skyhook

Telco: Detect Network Anomalies

The Challenge

Telecommunications networks transmit data from multiple towers to handsets that then report signal strength back to towers. Network operations centers (NOCs) monitor this interchange to identify instances of poor signal strength. Legacy analytic solutions cannot query and visualize call detail records (CDRs) or network logs quickly enough for NOCs to fix issues before customers notice.

MapD Solution

Network signal strength constantly fluctuates by location, over time. MapD lets NOC teams query and explore CDRs and network data on geo charts to understand where anomalies occur and then resolve them. Those responsive geospatial analytics help telcos dispatch service teams to where they’re needed most, keeping customers happy.

Defense: Logistical Readiness for Military Operations

The Challenge

Logistical readiness is the number one priority for most military leaders, but readiness today has more challenges than ever before. Logistics officers must prepare military units to place the right equipment with the right people in the right place at the right moment. Units must be ready without knowing exactly what mission awaits them.

MapD Solution

MapD helps logistics officers visualize the location of every person, vehicle and weapon, and ask readiness questions like: “Where are our troops? Where is our equipment? Where are the closest required supplies?” This improves planning and gives commanders a comprehensive, real-time view into every facet of the mission.

Government: Respond Rapidly to Extreme Weather

The Challenge

The impact of blizzards, wildfires and hurricanes are difficult to predict or track at a local level. Mainstream analytics cannot query or visualize weather disasters quickly enough for precise evacuation alerts that can save lives. This pre-aggregated view of weather forces citizens and first responders to react after people are already at risk.

MapD Solution

MapD renders new forms of sensor and IoT data along with traditional sources on interactive weather dashboards. Microclimate mapping refreshes by the minute and gives government officials and first responders geolocation insight to keep people safe. Dynamic weather maps also show airlines, construction businesses and insurance companies how to assess property risk posed by extreme weather.