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Harnessing the power of GPUs for lightning fast big data exploration.

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Breathtaking visuals. Lightspeed analytics.

We're building a GPU database and visualization platform to make big data exploration immersive and intuitive. MapD leverages the massive bandwidth and parallelism of GPUs to provide insight in milliseconds.

MapD supports lightning-fast SQL and GPU-rendering of result sets. Together with our web frontend you can visually filter and correlate multiple dimensions of multi-billion row datasets without lag.

MapD extracts the full parallelism of everything from 8-GPU servers to regular laptops, offering unparalleled speed for interactive exploration and discovery.

MapD is the fastest database.

Our demo can visualize a billion tweets in real time. Play with it here .

Our mission is to make big data exploration interactive and insightful.

We're a diverse team of big data fanatics with data science, database and GPGPU expertise, backed by Vanedge Capital, Google Ventures and Nvidia. Founded in 2013 by Todd Mostak and Tom Graham with the goal of utilizing GPUs to revolutionize big data analytics.

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