MapD was founded to redefine the limits of speed and scale in big data analytics.

Our Mission

MapD’s mission is to redefine the limits of scale and speed in big data analytics. Through this work, we believe we are helping deliver better outcomes sooner, in many areas of society and life.  While really fast data querying is part of our solution, we equally focus on empowering people to visually explore data at the speed of thought.  We have a passion for technology excellence; we embrace the open source community, and we deeply value the support and innovative ideas of our partners and customers.

How it all Started

Necessity is the mother of invention. And so it was at Harvard when Todd Mostak spent hours, sometimes overnight, waiting for answers to his queries. His thesis topic: the Arab Spring. His data set: millions of tweets on Twitter. His problem: one had to use the entire dataset to run his queries.  Unable to access a big cluster of CPU servers, Todd dared to ask "what if I created my own query engine that uses the massive parallelism of GPU cards to accelerate the queries?" Thus, the original MapD software was born. Soon after Todd was selected to continue his research at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), under the supervision of luminaries Sam Madden and Michael Stonebraker. Todd, and his co-founder Tom Graham, went on to start MapD Technologies, and today Todd is our CEO and No. 1 evangelist.

  • June 2018

    MapD Version 4.0 released with Geospatial Data Types, Improved Rendering Engine and Query Engine Advances

  • April 2018

    Launch of MapD Cloud: First SaaS Analytics Platform To Harness Extreme GPU-processing Power

  • January 2018

    MapD Version 3.4 released with advanced Immerse data visualization features

  • August 2017

    Partnership with Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis (CGA) announced

  • May 2017

    MapD Open Source and Community Editions made available

  • April 2017

    MapD Version 3 Release with distributed scale-out, high availability, enhanced SQL, and native ODBC

  • March 2017

    MapD receives Series B funding from New Enterprise Associates, Inc. (NEA), NVIDIA, Vanedge Capital and Verizon Ventures

  • December 2016

    MapD Version 2 Release with major improvements to the MapD Immerse Visual Analytics system

  • November 2016

    MapD helps publicly announce GPU instances on Google Cloud with stellar benchmarks against CPU systems

  • October 2016

    MapD awarded Business Intelligence Group Start-up of the Year

  • October 2016

    MapD helps publicly launch powerful GPU instances on Amazon Web Services, adding a MapD AMI to the marketplace

  • September 2016

    MapD awarded for Fast Company Innovation by Design Award - Graphic Design and Data Visualization

  • July 2016

    MapD named one of CRN’s 10 Coolest Big Data Startups Of 2016

  • April 2016

    MapD named Gartner Cool Vendor 2016

  • March 2016

    MapD officially launches & receives Series A funding from Vanedge Capital, Nvidia, In-Q-Tel, and Verizon Ventures

  • July 2015

    MapD is available on the cloud with IBM Softlayer Cloud Service’s announcement, making GPUs accessible to HPC users

  • February 2015

    MapD signs a social media giant, its first paying customer

  • September 2014

    MapD moves its HQ from Cambridge to San Francisco

  • April 2014

    MapD takes $2M in seed funding from investors including Nvidia, GV, and Vanedge Capital

  • March 2014

    MapD wins Nvidia’s $100K Early Stage Challenge

  • September 2013

    MapD Technologies, Inc. is founded by Todd Mostak and Tom Graham in Cambridge, MA

  • January–December 2013

    MapD is incubated in MIT CSAIL database group

  • May-December 2012

    Todd collaborates with the Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis (CGA) to integrate MapD into the Harvard Worldmap platform, featuring the first version of the MapD Tweetmap.

  • March–May 2012

    First prototype of MapD is built by Todd Mostak for his MIT database course