Service Providers


Across every line of business, from network operations to sales, from marketing to content operations, few industries can rival service providers when it comes to the volume and velocity of their customer data.

From forensics on dropped calls, sensor data, log files, customer churn, device stats and datacenter performance the data arrives constantly and relentlessly, Complicating matters, however, is the need to see that data in real-time making pattern recognition and root cause analysis difficult.

The challenge facing service providers today isn’t one of storage, it is one of speed. How does an organization move nimbly when it creates billions of rows of customer data a day?

The answer lies in the parallel power of GPUs.

By distributing the customer data analysis workload across thousands of processors, the answers come back in milliseconds, enabling everyone from the front line customer service representative to the network operations team to have instantaneous access to the data needed to retain customers, solve problems and measure performance.

Leading service providers around the world are using MapD’s GPU-tuned database and visualization layer to tackle problems that previously seemed too large or complex to tackle in real-time.

In particular, Verizon has applied MapD to the challenge of polling all of the smartphones in its network to assess a variety of customer metrics. This query would take hours to run and hours to evaluate and as such, the company only did it periodically. With the parallel processing power of MapD’s GPU accelerated database and analytics platform, these same queries complete in milliseconds and render instantaneously, allowing the team to quickly identify the root cause of problems - creating positive outcomes from the customer to the operations and logistics teams.

The database is fast, because it is using the true power of the GPUs, so the data is available almost immediately to the processors. Abdual Subhan, Senior Solutions Architect, Verizon

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