Ad Tech


Some industries are literally defined by data. Ad-tech is one of those industries. Non-existent two decades ago, ad-tech leveraged data in innovative ways and at a scale and speed few could have predicted.

As the store of data on each session and individual has grown so have the challenges associated with accessing that data in a timely manner. The performance requirements for ad tech are daunting: massive volumes of digital advertising and performance data, resource intensive advanced analytics for personalization and the need for millisecond performance.

Take for example, one of our clients, the leading targeted television advertising platform. This company has fundamentally altered the television advertising business by guaranteeing business outcomes for advertisers through its proprietary audience segmentation and delivery platform. Their ad technology is powered by the largest anonymous television viewing database ever created – one that covers 95% of the US television viewing audience in extraordinary detail.

That database, however, presented complex, multifactor data problems. For any given query they may look across the show demographics, spot duration, day, day-part, network, show ratings, CPM alongside data on conversion rates - broken down by schedule, show, network and ad length - highly advanced analytics.

Despite having cutting edge technologies, the data science and customer facing teams were waiting tens of seconds to see query responses. Those delays were productivity killers both in terms of wait times, but also in terms of collaborative, on the fly problem solving.

Using MapD, however, enabled them to respond almost instantaneously, even to complex multifactor questions. This resulted in a collaborative, stream of consciousness model of engagement - across teams and with clients. This led to more engaged conversations across the organizations and with their clients - resulting in incremental opportunities.