If you are a brand or an agency, the world around you has fundamentally changed. The customer is now in charge and through a myriad of explicit and implicit channels, they make themselves heard.

Sometimes that voice is loud, clear and distinct, other times it is quiet, subtle or nebulous.

MapD’s applications for companies in the social space combine rich visual analytics with lightning fast SQL functionality to simultaneously monitor thousands of sites across the social web, so brands and agencies can identify trends, opportunities and potential business threats.

Traditional, CPU powered solutions tap out at millions of records, requiring long waits to see queries returned, resulting in lost opportunities.

By harnessing the parallel power of GPUs, MapD allows immersive exploration of streaming multi-billion record social media datasets, enabling real-time insight on what is being said when, where and by whom. Furthermore, the ability of MapD to leverage the rendering capabilities of the server-side GPUs means that social data can be explored in full geospatial fidelity - even if it means plotting billions of points on a map.

MapD also has the ability to store tokenized text in arrays, making it incredibly easy to both filter and aggregate by token - essential for analyzing discourse on social media.

One of the world’s largest social networks uses MapD to monitor their flagship photo-sharing offering. While they have built a fully featured analytics pipeline, the capacity to look at hundreds of millions of posts in real time is not a current feature in their arsenal. Using MapD, the company can query in real-time, something they do to rapidly identify new trending topics enabling their advertising clients to capitalize on key moments in time.

To see how we work, check out our live Tweetmap demonstration, featuring over 150M geo-located tweets.