The leader in the cloud now offers enterprise grade GPU instances from Nvidia. The second-generation P2 instances from AWS offer the choice between small and large configurations and represent a easy way for enterprises to try out MapD. Our AMI is current with our releases and offers both MapD Core and MapD Immerse along with some sample data. If you have data in an S3 bucket, pointing to it is seamless. Pricing is per instance and is available on the Marketplace page.

Google Cloud

Google's second generation instances of GPUs offer powerful options and per minute billing. Presently, MapD will provide a license key for those enterprises interested in evaluating or deploying on the Google Cloud and in the future we anticipate having a Launcher that encompasses MapD Core and MapD Immerse for ready-to-go deployment options. Contact for a license key for deployment on Google Cloud.

IBM Softlayer

The pioneer in beefy GPU instances offers a range of configurations and billing options including bare-metal instances. Contact for a license key for deployment on IBM Softlayer.


IBM® Power Systems™ S822LC for High Performance Computing pairs the strengths of the POWER8 CPU with 4 NVIDIA® Tesla® P100 GPUs. These best-in-class processors are tightly bound with NVIDIA NVLink Technology from CPU:GPU—to advance the performance, programmability, and accessibility of accelerated computing and resolve the PCI-E bottleneck.


Offering the latest in high-density design from Dell, the PowerEdge C4130, offers up to four GPU boards in a 1U form factor. In addition, the uniqueness of PowerEdge C4130 is that it offers a configurable system design, potentially making it a better fit, for the wider variety of extreme HPC applications.


HPE ProLiant GPU servers deliver against demanding, high-performance computing workloads - on premise or in the cloud. HPE’s ProLiant boxes provide all of the benefits of GPU computing while enabling maximum reliability and tight integration with system monitoring and management tools such as HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility.


SuperMicro has established itself as the leader in GPU computing with its line of NVIDIA Tesla SuperServers. Able to generate massively parallel processing power through exceptional GPU density and boasting a full range of networking options, SuperMicro’s portfolio is amongst the broadest in the business.
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