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Lightning fast visual analytics for the largest datasets
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MapD Immerse is the most powerful visual analytics platform on the planet. By leveraging the record-breaking query performance and stunning rendering capabilities of MapD Core, MapD Immerse allows analysts to visually discover correlations and anomalies in their biggest datasets effortlessly and in real time.

What Makes Immerse Different

Iris Rendering Engine

MapD Immerse leverages the Iris Rendering Engine of MapD Core to visualize billions of records at the grain level. Unlike typical pairings of BI frontends with analytic database backends, MapD Immerse avoids the overhead of transferring multi-gigabyte result sets from server to client, instead only needing to send a small PNG. This is completely transparent to the end user however, since MapD Immerse supports standard hover and click events such that the data actually appears in-browser. The net result is an unprecedentedly interactive capability to visualize data at scale.

Cross Filtering

MapD Immerse is not a static dashboarding tool — every element of our dashboards is fully interactive. Click on any item or zoom in on any map to instantly filter the rest of the charts on the dashboard. This cross-filtering capability constitutes one of the most powerful and intuitive paradigms to discover both correlations and anomalies in data at the speed of thought.

Custom SQL

While our customers love MapD Immerse for its simplicity, it also allows full access to the power of the MapD database. Users can optionally specify custom filters, dimensions and measures in SQL, giving them the fine-grained control necessary to generate the perfect chart.


Mapd Immerse was specifically designed to dramatically accelerate large-scale geospatial analytics and visualization use cases. Leverage the power of the server-side GPUs to instantly filter, re-project and render pointmaps, choropleths and heatmaps of multi-billion record geospatial datasets, while still having world-class querying and visual analytic capabilities for the non-spatial attributes in your dataset.
APIs for Custom Visualization
Using MapD's custom query and charting APIs, clients can opt to build their own custom dashboard — tailored to the specific requirements of their business. At the lowest level, queries and rendering calls can be sent to MapD Core Thrift or JDBC. The Iris Rendering Engine can be leveraged by using a subset of Vega.js. At a higher level, customers can rapidly deploy custom interactive dashboards by leveraging our data crossfilter and charting APIs, the latter built on the open source dc.js.

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