Meet the future of analytics

Unleash the power of your data with the massive parallelism of GPUs.
MapD Core
MapD's in-memory, relational database leverages the parallel processing power of GPUs to query billions of rows in mere milliseconds - hundreds to thousands of times faster than legacy CPU databases
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MapD Immerse
MapD's next generation visual analytics engine can display billions of datapoints with the same speed as our groundbreaking database - allowing organizations to extract more from their data
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Fast SQL
The MapD database combines GPUs with a state-of-the art query compilation system to run SQL orders-of-magnitude faster than other solutions.
Speed at Scale
MapD can scale across multiple servers to deliver record breaking performance - up to 64 GPUs querying 40 billion rows in 270 milliseconds - and growing.
Data exploration
Go beyond bars + charts to explore and interact with your data at the speed of thought - no matter what the size.
Better Together
Anyone can make a fast, scalable database, we made a fast system designed to deliver simplicity and insight for the petabyte economy.
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Why Speed Matters
Faster time to insight
With MapD analysts can work at the speed of thought to uncover insights in their data unencumbered by the latency of legacy tools.
Better economics at every level
The tremendous computational punch of GPUs means superior price/performance characteristics across the board from hardware, software and maintenance.
Superior concurrency characteristics
Queries that take milliseconds means an analytics platform that can support hundreds of simultaneous users per server.
The Power of GPU Parallelism

The simplest way to understand the power of GPU parallelism is think about how GPUs and CPUs are constructed and how they process tasks. A CPU consists of a few cores optimized for sequential serial processing. A GPU has a massively parallel architecture consisting of thousands of smaller, more efficient cores designed for handling multiple tasks simultaneously. As a result, if you can run your task in parallel you will experience orders of magnitude better performance.

MapD abstracts the GPU level work when it comes to databases and datavisualization. As a result, organizations don’t have to have deep domain expertise in GPUs and how they operate - MapD takes care of that. Simply point to your data and MapD does the rest, harnessing power of GPU parallelism using standard SQL, intuitive, cross-filtered dashboards and custom front ends.

Everything just works, but anywhere from 100 to 1,000 times faster.

Unprecedented parallelism
Harness the parallel power of nearly 50,000 cores per server and make even the most complex SQL instant.
Lightning-fast memory
Next generation memory technology allows MapD to scan database tables at rates measured in terabytes per second.
State-of-the-art graphics processing
MapD leverages the graphics pipeline of the GPUs to allow visualization of query results in staggering detail.

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On premise or in the cloud, GPU hardware has become ubiquitous. MapD is supported by and partnered with some of the largest, most sophisticated providers in the market. Each logo above can be clicked to take you to the relevant page to construct an order, spin up an instance or learn more about how to deploy our software.

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