MapD Immerse Visual Analytics

Lightning fast visual analytics for the MapD Core SQL engine. A powerful web visualization system that allows data scientists and analysts to interactively explore large datasets.

See All Of Your Data

MapD Immerse is the most powerful visual analytics system on the planet. By leveraging the record-breaking query performance and rendering capabilities of MapD Core, MapD Immerse allows analysts to visually discover correlations and anomalies in their biggest datasets effortlessly and in real time.

MapD Immerse Visual Analytics Technology

MapD Core Rendering Engine

The MapD Immerse visual analytics system uses the rendering engine of the MapD Core SQL engine to visualize datasets of up to billions of records while providing fast interactive drill down to the individual data point level. MapD Immerse avoids the overhead of transferring large result sets from server to client, instead only sending compressed PNG images.

Quick Insight with Cross Filtering

MapD Immerse is not a static dashboarding tool—every element of an Immerse dashboard is fully interactive. Click on any item or zoom in on any map to instantly filter the rest of the charts on the dashboard. This cross-filtering capability is a powerful and quick way to discover correlations and anomalies in data.

Powerful Custom SQL

Customers love the simplicity of MapD Immerse, yet it also allows full access to the powerful SQL capabilities of the MapD Core SQL engine. Users can specify custom SQL filters, dimensions and measures. And all that custom SQL leverages the GPU processing power of the MapD Core SQL engine. The SQL is not running on the client computer or relying on a slow ODBC or JDBC connection to a database.

Designed for Geo-visualization and More

The MapD Immerse visual system was specifically designed to accelerate large-scale geospatial analytics and visualization. It leverages the power of server-side GPUs to instantly filter, reproject, and render point maps, heat maps, and choropleths of multi-billion record geospatial datasets. And it does that while still providing high performance visualization of non-spatial attributes within the same data.

APIs for Custom Visualization

MapD custom query and charting APIs allow customers to build their own custom dashboard—tailored to the specific requirements of their business. APIs allow customers to develop high-level dashboards, or work at low levels with the MapD Core rendering engine.

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