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MapD Extreme Analytics Platform

MapD Core - Open Source SQL Engine

Query billions of rows in milliseconds with the SQL engine designed for the GPU.

Native SQL

Uses standard SQL, while returning query results hundreds of times faster than CPU-based solutions. Query the SQL engine with industry-standard SQL through interaction with MapD Immerse, or by using the native command-line Interface, ODBC, JDBC or Thrift.

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Rapid Query Compilation

Compiles SQL queries with a just-in-time LLVM-based compiler into machine code that can run on Nvidia GPUs as well as X86 or Power CPUs. This approach leads to faster code that is more efficient with memory access and cache space.

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Advanced Memory Management

Intelligently caches hot data in main memory and GPU VRAM. The system can also leverage modern SSDs for persistent storage. This advanced memory management system enables the MapD Core SQL engine to deliver exceptional performance across different hardware configurations and dataset sizes.

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Hybrid Execution

Parallelizes computation across multiple GPUs and CPUs. The SQL engine can also execute purely on CPUs, delivering superior performance on CPU-only systems.

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Distributed Scale-out

Linearly scales by adding servers to maintain query performance even as the data grows. Maintain fluid, instant data exploration, even at extreme scale.

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High Availability (HA)

Replicates data across multiple servers for resiliency and redundancy to meet service level agreements. High Availability gives enterprise customers confidence at scale.

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GPU Data Frame

The GPU Data Frame, built on the Apache Arrow project, enables efficient interchange of data between processes running on the GPU. The MapD Core SQL engine ingests as well as outputs the results of SQL queries in Arrow format, making getting data into and out of the system easy and highly performant.

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The MapD Rendering Engine

Connecting big, fast queries on MapD Core to big, fast visual analytics in MapD Immerse and custom applications.

GPU Caching

Renders and rasterizes query results directly on the GPU, without slowdowns transferring to CPUs. Three-tier caching simplifies and accelerates server-side rendering.

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Server-Side Rendering

Renders PNG images on the server and send them to the web browser, without massive data transfers. Server-side rendering sidesteps constraints in network bandwidth and client compute.

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Visualization with Vega

The Vega Visualization Grammar API makes visualization interactive, even with billions of data points. MapD Immerse generates Vega rendering specifications behind the scenes, or generate custom Vega from your own application.

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MapD Immerse for Extreme Visualization

Visualize and interact with data at unprecedented scale and speed.

Cross Filtering

Visual interaction with any chart instantly filters all others, making hidden relationships obvious. Cross-filter instantly, even across billions of rows of data.

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Geospatial Context

Instantly display pointmaps, heatmaps, and choropleths alongside supporting non-geographic charts, graphs and tables. Visualizations refresh immediately in the context of any chosen location.

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Multilayer Geo Charts

Map metrics in distinct layers. Users can adjust layer opacity, reorder layers, or hide them, as they interact with many metrics overlaid on the same chart.

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Multisource Dashboards

Compare different datasets in the same dashboard, without having to join tables. Visually compare dozens of data sources in the same dashboard.

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Dashboard Auto-refresh

Set refresh intervals to automatically update dashboards with fast-changing data.

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