Meet the Future of Analytics with GPU Acceleration

Work at the speed of thought. Powered by the massive parallel compute power of GPUs.
MapD Core SQL engine
The MapD Core GPU Accelerated Database is an open source in-memory, SQL database that leverages the parallel processing power of GPUs to query billions of rows in milliseconds–hundreds to thousands of times faster than legacy CPU databases. MapD Core SQL engine also supports a High Availability configuration, providing guaranteed reliability for enterprise customers’ vast and time-sensitive analytical needs.
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MapD Immerse Visual Analytics
The MapD Immerse next generation visual analytics can display billions of datapoints with the same speed as the groundbreaking MapD Core SQL engine – allowing data scientists and analysts to visually gain insight from massive data sets. MapD Immerse’s rendering engine includes a ‘Density Gradient’ feature producing clear highlights of concentration within data visualizations.
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The Power of GPU Parallelism

The MapD analytics platform leverages the power of highly parallel GPUs. Traditional CPUs consists of a relatively small number of compute cores optimized for sequential processing. Modern GPUs have massive parallel architectures consisting of thousands of smaller, high efficiency cores designed to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. The MapD analytics platform is designed to leverage this massive GPU parallelism, all transparently to end-users. No GPU programing is required. MapD analytics platform users simply use the MapD Immerse visual analytics, standard SQL or third party tools like Tableau.

Unprecedented Parallelism

Accelerate your applications with the supercomputing parallel power of up to 50,000 GPU cores per server.

Lightning-Fast Memory

High in-memory accelerated GPU technology allows MapD to scan database tables at terabytes per second.

State-of-the-Art Graphics Processing

MapD leverages the GPU graphics pipeline to allow visualization of query results in staggering detail. Visualize your query results instantaneously without having to copy them back to CPU.

Fast SQL

The MapD Core SQL engine leverages GPUs and a state-of-the art query compilation system to run SQL orders-of-magnitude faster than other databases. A single MapD node operates 74X to 3500X faster than clustered CPU database solutions, allowing for sub-second analytical query results from massive datasets.

Scale Up Then Out

The MapD analytics platform delivers unparalleled power by leveraging tens of thousands of cores across multiple GPUs per server. A single node of MapD is faster than a cluster of CPU servers and a rack of MapD is faster than a data center. MapD’s SQL-compliant GPU database is able to scale across multiple servers. MapD efficiently transports data between Leaf and Aggregator, maintaining our renowned instant data exploration experience.

Data Exploration At the Speed of Thought

Go beyond bar charts to explore and interact with your data at the speed of thought—no matter the size.

Better Together

The MapD analytics platform combines the Core SQL engine and Immerse visualization system. This combination of technology delivers unparalleled performance and insight to users. Performance and insight not possible using traditional analytic databases and tools. Achieve maximum efficiency and sub-second results with in-memory database, visualization, and machine learning within a single GPU architecture.

The MapD Analytics Ecosystem

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End-to-End Computation on the GPU

The MapD Core SQL engine, through GPU acceleration, can output the results of a SQL query into the GPU Data Frame (GDF), a common Apache Arrow-based API that enables efficient interchange of data between processes running on the GPU. You can then manipulate the data with Continuum Analytics’ Anaconda NumPy-like Python API, or use the data as input to the H2O suite of machine learning algorithms, without the overhead of copying data to CPU. This approach has been benchmarked to exhibit order-of-magnitude improvements in processing times compared to passing the data between applications on a CPU.

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