MapD was founded by scientists, engineers, and data analysts on a mission to make data exploration an immersive experience.
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CEO Todd Mostak first developed a prototype of MapD while waiting hours and sometimes days for a single query to process patterns in hundreds of millions of tweets for his Harvard thesis on the Arab Spring. Frustrated that he couldn’t access a cluster of computers to perform his computations, he created his own solution by pairing off-the-shelf video game GPU cards with a new design for parallel databases. Todd pursued this technology as a researcher at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) before founding MapD with Thomas Graham in 2013.

MapD’s mission is to not just make queries faster, but to create a fluid and immersive data exploration experience that removes the disconnect between an analyst and their data. Whether harnessed to explore correlations or identify anomalies, we have built the MapD platform from the ground up to make extracting insight from data effortless and lightning fast.

Todd Mostak
Board Member
Todd is the CEO and Founder of MapD Technologies. Todd built the original prototype of MapD after tiring of the inability of conventional tools to allow for interactive exploration of big datasets while conducting his Harvard graduate research on the role of Twitter in the Arab Spring. He then joined MIT as a research fellow focusing on GPU databases before turning the MapD project into a startup.
Moe Kermani
Board Member
Moe Kermani, Ph.D. is Managing Partner at Vanedge Capital, focusing on investments in the areas of cloud computing, infrastructure software, security, open source businesses, and vertical market solutions. Prior to Vanedge, Moe was a Vice President of NetApp (NTAP:NASDAQ), a leading provider of enterprise data storage solutions. Prior to that Moe was President and CEO of Bycast Inc., the world leader in storage virtualization software for large scale digital archives and storage clouds.
Montgomery Kersten
Board Member
Montgomery Kersten works with development-stage companies as an independent board member, investor and advisor on strategic initiatives. Mr. Kersten was the co-founder and CEO of VitalSigns Software, maker of network performance management application software. He today serves as the independent board member of several Silicon Valley private companies.
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