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Once my 14-day trial ends, can I convert my trial instance to a paid subscription?
Yes. Any work you’ve done in your MapD trial instance will be preserved as you transition to a paid subscription for cloud based analytics on MapD Cloud.
Do I need a credit card for the 14-day free trial of MapD Cloud?
No, a credit card is not required to start the free trial. All you need is an email address.
How many rows of data can I use during my trial?
You can upload up to 100 million rows of data during your 14-day free trial.
Where will my data be hosted?
MapD will provision your MapD Cloud analytics instance on either Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform, at our discretion. All data will be hosted within the United States.
How many users can access my MapD instance during the free trial?
Each instance of MapD Cloud is intended for a single user.
If I decide to become a subscriber to MapD Cloud, do I need to wait until the 14-day trial is over?
Certainly not. You can sign up for a subscription to either Cloud 10, Cloud 25 or Cloud 100 for MapD Cloud analytics at any time during your trial. However, billing for that subscription will not begin until the day after your 14 day trial period is over. If you choose Cloud X as your cloud based analytics platform, you can contact us at any time to discuss a managed analytics cloud service.
If at the end of my trial I’m unsure that I want to convert to a paid subscription, how long will my data remain at MapD Cloud?
Your data will remain securely in MapD Cloud for 30 days following your trial expiry. At any time in that period you can activate a paid subscription and your data and dashboards will convert over.
If I decide not to proceed with my trial after 14 days, how can I delete my instance of MapD Cloud and the data it contains?
When your trial ends, MapD will retain your data for a period of time in case you wish to become a subscriber. After that time it will be permanently deleted from the system. If you wish to have the data deleted outside of the automated process, or you wish to cancel your trial prior to the expiry date, please contact MapD support.
Will my trial version of MapD Cloud have API access?
No. Public instances of MapD Cloud analytics do not include API access. MapD’s Cloud X plan and instances in your datacenter both support API access. Contact us to discuss those options.
Do the sample datasets pre-loaded to my instance of MapD Cloud count against my row limit?
No. We’ve included those datasets as a courtesy, so you can get started immediately. Only additional datasets that you import count against that limit. You can import some of those other publicly available datasets from this S3 repository or bring in datasets that you already have available.
Are there limits on the number of columns for my datasets?
There are no limits on the number of columns. However, a really wide data set may potentially result in an error. If you receive that error, you will need to reduce the size of your dataset.
Where can I go for tutorials as I learn how to use MapD?
We've provided a list of helpful tutorials and videos for you within MapD Cloud. You can also get help from members of the MapD Community Forum.
How secure is my data?
MapD uses a number of leading security techniques to secure your data. All customer data in MapD Cloud is encrypted at rest, and all communication between you and the MapD Cloud servers is encrypted along the way using industry-standard encryption standards. MapD Cloud has multiple security controls built in at every level to protect against malicious use, unauthorized access, data loss, and downtime of systems. Finally, MapD provisions hardware with leading cloud platform providers such as Amazon AWS and Google, that maintain industry-leading security protocols.
What access does MapD have to my data?
MapD may collect metadata and statistics about customer system usage in order to improve the service, and we only access data for support purposes. Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms and Service for more information.
If I cancel my subscription, will I be refunded for the remaining time in my billing cycle?
MapD will not refund money for a billing cycle already underway. If you decide to cancel your instance of MapD Cloud, we will trigger your plan to expire at the end of the current cycle. That also means that you’ll have access to your instance until that cancellation date.
If I cancel my subscription, will my data be removed from MapD Cloud?
You can cancel your MapD Cloud analytics subscription at any time. When you confirm that cancellation decision you will lose access to that instance. Your data will be retained for a period of time in case you decide to reactivate your subscription, after which time it will be permanently deleted from the system. If you wish to delete your data outside of the standard procedures, please contact MapD support.
If I find bigger datasets, and I want to upgrade my subscription to another plan, when do the changes go into effect?
If you upgrade your plan, those changes will take effect immediately, and your billing will adjust to the rate of your new plan.
If I realize that I don’t have the data volumes I expected, can I downgrade my subscription to a smaller plan and when do the changes go into effect?
If you downgrade your plan, those changes will take effect at the end of your billing cycle. Your rate will adjust to the lower amount at the start of your next billing cycle.
When I’m not using my instance of MapD Cloud, will it continue running in the background?
After an idle period, cloud instances of Cloud 10, Cloud 25 or Cloud 100 that are not in active use are put to sleep. Once you come back to use your instance, you may experience a brief delay as your instance of the MapD Cloud analytics platform wakes back up. The MapD Cloud X offering does include an “always on” option.