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The Rules of the Road Redefined

A couple of months back we hosted a BrightTALK webinar with Sam Madden, MIT Professor and Chief Scientist at Cambridge Mobile Telematics.

Sam is a remarkably smart individual and was a founder (alongside the legendary Michael Stonebraker) of Vertica. Sam's use of MapD at Cambridge Mobile Telematics is really interesting as the team there is using massive amounts of data to develop driving models that help price insurance, identify risk and establish bragging rights (well maybe not the last one). The data comes not from an ODB-II device (like Progressive's Snapshot) but your smartphone. The GPS, accelerometer and other functions provide a richer picture than an ODB-II device and therefore present additional vectors on which to assess driving performance and risk.

While we would encourage you to watch the entire webinar (free registration required) we did grab a small outtake for those interested in this slick geo-viz use case.

So sit back and enjoy the immensely entertaining Dr. Madden as he takes on a tour of automotive insurance analytics.

If you are interested in more use cases around insurance, schedule some time with us.

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