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It’s nice to be cool, particularly when the folks naming you cool are none other than the esteemed team at Gartner. It is why we are so excited that Gartner chose MapD as a Cool Vendor in DBMS. We have made the report available on our home page. Each year, the Gartner research team selects a handful of innovative, imaginative companies from the expanding pool of start-ups. As Donald Feinberg noted in his writeup of another Cool Vendor; “With the ever-growing numbe... read more

A few years back, the American Statistical Association put out a dataset of hundreds of millions of US airline flights from 1987 to 2008, as part of a supercomputing competition. The dataset includes every single flight record known by Bureau of Transportation Statistics for that two decade period; every prop plane, every jet plane, balloon or blimp. We wanted to put the MapD database and visualization software through its paces, as well as help you figure out whether your l... read more

It is with great pleasure that we today announce two significant milestones for our company: the general availability of our GPU-powered database and visual analytics software platform, and the closing of a $10M Series A round led by Vanedge Capital with participation from Verizon Ventures and Nvidia, joining earlier investor GV (formerly Google Ventures). This moment means a great deal to us at MapD as it marks the public release of a technology forged from tens of thousands... read more

While we love datasets of all shapes and sizes at MapD, Twitter holds a special place in our hearts. This is perhaps because we find Twitter data to be almost peerless among public datasets in its ability to provide a glimpse into the human experience - revealing what people are saying when and where. Twitter is powerful in that it provides insight into a wide variety of social phenomena both at the level of individual tweets as well as rolled up by user, geography or topic/... read more

Note: The following post was originally published on June 23, 2015 on Nvidia's Parallel ForAll blog. This is only an excerpt, you can find the full original here. Co-written by Alex Suhan and Todd Mostak of MapD. At MapD our goal is to build the world’s fastest big data analytics and visualization platform that enables lag-free interactive exploration of multi-billion row datasets. MapD supports standard SQL queries as well as a visualization API that maps OpenGL primitives... read more

MapD is a next-generation data analytics platform designed to process billions of records in milliseconds using GPUs. It features a relational database backend with advanced visualization and analytic features to enable hyper-interactive exploration of large datasets. The inspiration for MapD came from our own struggles wrestling with big data, marked by frustrating encounters with tempermental clusters and overnight queries. Such "data trauma" is rampant. Even though our... read more