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Twitter is an excellent way to gain insight into a wide variety of social phenomena. Data can be sliced in many different ways, looking at user, geography or topic/hashtag as well as diving down to the level of individual tweets. In fact, MapD originated when Todd Mostak needed to build a better interactive analysis tool to understand the Arab Spring. Streaming data from Twitter was added later. MapD recently released an open source Tweetmap Demo online showing roughly 390 m... read more

First, clone the repo to your local workstation and refer to platform-specific tips. Mac OS X Overview Easy install. No problems. Very few external dependencies. npm install #downloads all dependencies and devDependencies npm install mapbox-gl@ #downloads mapbox peer dependency npm run start Community tested configurations Node v6.11 Mac OS X 10.12.5 Xcod... read more

We’re excited to announce our newest addition to the MapD executive team. Aaron Williams joins us today as VP of Global Community, responsible for fostering our growing developer, user and open source communities. He will lead our team of developer advocates and community managers. Aaron is an industry veteran in the building and growth of software communities, having led ecosystem efforts for some of software’s most familiar platforms. He previously led the open source launc... read more

While 2016 was the year of the GPU for a number of reasons, the truth of the matter is that outside of some core disciplines (deep learning, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles) the reasons why you would use GPUs for general purpose computing applications remain somewhat unclear. As a company whose products are tuned for this exceptional compute platform, we have a tendency to assume familiarity, often incorrectly. Our New Year’s resolution is to explain, in language desig... read more

This morning Google Cloud announced the upcoming availability of powerful, innovative GPU instances. As a an beta tester of the new offering we had the opportunity to take the instances for a spin and test them out against the 1.2 billion row taxi dataset. We were impressed. The instances boast per minute pricing flexibility, excellent configurations and an innovative SSD approach that processes cold loads five times faster than other solutions we have seen. The net of th... read more

Down the stretch they go. While the race continues to tighten this week, one thing is pretty certain - it will be over next week. What is obscured in the vitriol, the accusations and the gaffes, however, is that money still fuels the American political process. Despite the emergence of a billionaire candidate, this cycle is no different - the money is as prevalent as ever. Citizens United remains the law of the land and both parties are hip to the game despite rhetoric to... read more

Today we are pleased to announce that In-Q-Tel, the non-profit strategic investor that identifies innovative technology for the U.S. Intelligence Community, participated in our previously announced Series A round. IQT joins previously announced investors GV (formerly Google Ventures), Nvidia, Vanedge Capital, and Verizon Ventures. Needless to say, we are delighted to be able to publicly announce IQT’s participation. IQT has established itself as one of the savviest inves... read more

To jump straight to the demo click here. New York City is special to us. It’s not where we started (Boston) or ended up (San Francisco) It is special because, it remains, in terms of America, the center of it all. While not the geographical center of it all, it is the data center for us. When we do demos of the Tweetmap, we end up at the Empire State Building. When we do demos of Political Donations we end up looking a the island of Manhattan (and at Donald Trump’s past... read more

The Finovate show one of the best, most dangerous shows in any industry and is the crown jewel of the FinTech event calendar. Its one of the best because of its rigorous selection process coupled with a hyper-engaged, highly informed audience. It is dangerous because it is seven minutes of demo free fall. No slides, just demo. Remember that hyper-engaged, highly informed audience? They can turn on you. Best to be prepared, but if you are, the payoff is considerable. Our C... read more

In the dataworld, there is a particular dataset, referred to as “the taxi dataset,” that has been getting a disproportionate amount of attention lately. The dataset in question is comprised of staggering detail (full GPS, transaction type, passenger counts, timestamps) on 1.2 billion individual taxi, limo + Uber trips from January 2009 through June 2015. Released by the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission, the dataset became a darling of the data science set while... read more

Click here to go directly to our Tweetmap. Our affection for Twitter data is well documented. In it we find volume, velocity and variety - but perhaps even more importantly we find the human element - manifested in 140 character snippets, photos, emojis and gifs. The very first instantiation of the Tweetmap was started by our founder, Todd Mostak, during his graduate work at Harvard. There, while looking at millions of Arab Spring tweets, he discovered there was no practic... read more

There is little question that the GPU age is upon us. We see it everywhere, from game consoles to supercomputers and now the datacenter, GPUs are permeating more and more of the computing ecosystem. By boasting order of magnitude performance improvements on key tasks and exhibiting massive cost of ownership advancements these once specialized chips are writing a new chapter in enterprise computing. The early lines of that chapter have been written by pioneers like Nvidia... read more

Following the addition of Brock Alston as VP of Sales and the successful Series A launch of the company, MapD is pleased to announce that industry veteran Jonathan Symonds has joined the company as the company's first VP of Marketing. Jonathan joins MapD at an exciting time in the company's journey and will build out the marketing function at the company from messaging, positioning, awareness and demand generation. “I am delighted to join such an innovative company at this... read more

It’s nice to be cool, particularly when the folks naming you cool are none other than the esteemed team at Gartner. It is why we are so excited that Gartner chose MapD as a Cool Vendor in DBMS. We have made the report available on our home page. Each year, the Gartner research team selects a handful of innovative, imaginative companies from the expanding pool of start-ups. As Donald Feinberg noted in his writeup of another Cool Vendor; “With the ever-growing numbe... read more

MapD is excited to announce its hiring of industry veteran Brock Alston as VP of Worldwide Sales. Brock has deep experience in both databases and BI, having worked in sales leadership roles at PepperData, Edgespring, Vertica, Oracle and Brio. Alston will be leading MapD's go-to-market strategy as it launches its lightning fast big data analytics and visualization platform to a worldwide audience this spring. "The opportunity to bring MapD to market is very exciting," said Al... read more