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How to Innovate at Finovate

How to Innovate at Finovate

The Finovate show one of the best, most dangerous shows in any industry and is the crown jewel of the FinTech event calendar. Its one of the best because of its rigorous selection process coupled with a hyper-engaged, highly informed audience.

It is dangerous because it is seven minutes of demo free fall.

No slides, just demo.

Remember that hyper-engaged, highly informed audience? They can turn on you.

Best to be prepared, but if you are, the payoff is considerable.

Our CEO Todd Mostak nailed his debut performance - showing the 2,000+ person audience how financial institutions can mine billion+ row datasets with millisecond lag - gaining competitive advantage in the marketplace.

While this demo deals with taxis, it could just as easily be anti-money laundering, customer segmentation, mortgage applications or credit card fraud. Anywhere that financial institutions value speed at scale.

Todd's demo is here.

Take a look and feel free to drop us a line at if you want to see how we can put this into play for your organization.

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