MapD is the Extreme Analytics Platform

MapD redefines the limits of speed and scale in big data analytics, by combining the fastest analytics software with the fastest hardware - the GPU.

Interactive Real-Time Analytics

MapD wants everyone to be curious about data and easily explore hypotheses – to ask question upon question, without curiosity-defeating latency. We designed a platform that returns instant big data query results and interactive visualizations - removing the technology obstacles to immersive data exploration - so that users can feel at one with their data.

Learn more about real time visualization.

Open Source SQL on GPUs

MapD built the first ever open source SQL engine to harness GPU computing for analytics. Designed for maximum performance, the MapD SQL engine dynamically compiles SQL to run across multiple GPUs and CPUs. This means that MapD is often orders-of-magnitude faster than other systems, allowing users to get answers from their data without waiting.

Learn more about SQL on GPUs.

Conventional and Geo Data

MapD bridges the divide between traditional business intelligence tools (BI) and geographic information systems (GIS), making location intelligence a first-class citizen of big data analytics. Analysts are now unbounded in the volumes of geospatial data they can analyze, while business analysts can access new location-insights.

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MapD Immerse

Explore Solutions

MapD addresses a large number of big data analytics use cases in business and government:

Operational Analytics:  high-velocity data, high-frequency decision-making.

Geospatial Analytics:  location intelligence at unprecedented scale.

Data Science:  expedite pipelines and visually explain ML models.

Big Data Research:  analyze huge time-series datasets for hidden insights.

Custom Applications:  dramatically accelerate custom applications.

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