The World's Fastest Data Exploration Platform

MapD leverages the parallel power of GPUs to deliver lightning fast SQL and immersive visual analytics on billion+ record datasets in milliseconds.
Why MapD is taking the data science world by storm
Interactivity for
effortless discoveries
Filter and visualize massive datasets without lag, uncovering insights in your data at unprecedented speeds.
Common SQL,
uncommon performance
Use the SQL you know, but at supercomputing speeds.
Immersive visualizations
Use the graphics power of GPUs to instantly visualize complex datasets in groundbreaking new ways.
MapD has the ability to crank through huge datasets and turn them into stunning visualizations with unprecedented speed.
Nvidia, November 2015
Visualizations at light speed, thanks to GPU power
Modern GPU servers can have nearly 40,000 cores, offering massive parallel compute power ideal for many database problems. Extreme query speed is bolstered by the GPU’s ability to render graphics, meaning computation and visualization can all happen on one chip. A one-two punch of query speed plus rendering offers an unrivaled window into your data.
Visualize it, with MapD’s Immerse visualization platform
Beyond acting as a fast database, MapD’s browser-based visualization platform, MapD Immerse, leverages the power of both client and server rendering for instantaneous exploration of big data.
Works seamlessly with your existing infrastructure
MapD allows speedy imports of data from multiple sources like Hadoop, Hive, Impala, and MySQL, bringing MapD’s speed to your existing infrastructure. MapD’s single node setup offers space efficiency, low energy usage, and low maintenance overhead.
Simple setup without optimizations
A non-indexed database means uniform and predictable performance, fast inserts, and no DBA required.
Replace your rack
with a single server
Host more users on a single box running MapD than you could on racks of our competitors’ software.
MapD tweetmap demo
Use MapD to visualize a billion geo-located tweets in realtime, from the global level all the way down to an individual tweet. MapD’s extreme speed requires no pre-calculation or indexing, meaning roll ups and drill downs are equally fast.
Available in a size that fits your business
MapD is offered as an on-premise installation, for compatible MapD-specified hardware configurations.
A software-as-a-service offering of MapD is available through IBM Softlayer, Amazon, and others.
What people are saying
MapD uses graphics processing units (GPUs) to crunch Big Data — the sort that usually only rooms full of servers are able to do, but ‘at a fraction of the price of what a big cluster of servers would cost, with much greater performance.’
The payoff is two orders of magnitude improvement in performance, or milliseconds for query results to come back even when table sizes in a database are huge.
Imagine doing real-time analytics on a half-a-billion tweets or Facebook posts and getting near-instant visualization of those results.
[MapD] taps the power of the modern graphics processing unit (GPU), and the results can be hundreds or thousands of times faster than conventional database queries.
MapD’s technology -- a database and a visual analytics system -- helps customers sift through and compare data quickly.
MapD uses [GPUs] to power SQL queries. The tool has a wide variety of applications for large sets of enterprise data.
The Wall Street Journal
MapD’s technology has tremendous advantages for a wide range of mid-sized data problems.
The performance speedup that MapD has seen is impressive, and is akin to some of the boost that other parallel workloads in modeling, simulation, and machine learning have seen
The Next Platform
GPU startup MapD is on a roll.
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