Open Source GPU Database and Visualization Platform for Real-Time Analytics

Interactively query and visualize massive datasets with the parallel power of GPUs.

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Supercharge your Analytics
The MapD analytics platform leverages the parallelism of GPUs to achieve orders-of-magnitude speedups over CPU solutions, powering exploration of big datasets with near zero-latency.
MapD first scales up to multiple GPUs within a server and then out to multiple servers in a cluster for record-beating performance without the large footprint required by CPU-only solutions.
Lightning fast queries are only part of the story—MapD harnesses the graphics pipeline of the GPU to create stunning, powerful visualizations of high-cardinality datasets.
MapD supports SQL natively and provides industry standard connectors, making it easy to incorporate the platform into your existing analytics workflow.
What People are Saying
“MapD… was the world’s first to create basically a database engine on top of GPUs… it's just completely amazing, to be able to access databases so large completely in-memory and be able to interact with it, create graphs out of it, query it with AI, visualize it, all in real time. Completely revolutionary stuff.” - Jensen Huang, CEO
“Information and analytics leaders struggling with situational awareness on large amounts of high velocity data should consider MapD. The company is experiencing early success in telecommunications, retail and social media use cases.” - 2016 Cool Vendors Report
“MapD has taken commodity GPUs and turned them into a solution that can transform the analytics industry.” — Mark Smith
“Differentiation is a common theme among many of our winners, and MapD’s approach to using GPUs for visual analytics certainly fits that description. Enterprises are constantly seeking ways to be more responsive and agile for their customers and MapD provides significant capabilities in that regard.” - 2016 Startup of the Year
“MapD provides us with valuable, ad-hoc analysis of our datasets without having to resort to time-consuming and expensive batch processing” — Laurie Voss, CTO
“The software leverages the massive parallelism of commodity graphical processing units (GPUs) to execute SQL queries across multibillion-row datasets in milliseconds.” - Top 10 Coolest Big Data Vendors 2016
“MapD allows Simulmedia to easily and interactively explore large advertising datasets for detailed insights. It is simple to deploy and comes with an intuitive user interface for exploration via cross filtering, allowing business users to answer their questions in real time.” — Kyle Hubert, Principal Data Architect
“MapD’s technology has tremendous advantages for a wide range of mid-sized data problems.”
“[MapD] taps the power of the modern graphics processing unit (GPU), and the results can be hundreds or thousands of times faster than conventional database queries.”
“The performance speedup that MapD has seen is impressive, and is akin to some of the boost that other parallel workloads in modeling, simulation, and machine learning have seen”
Solutions for Applications & Industries
See for Yourself
Play with and instantly visualize hundreds of millions of realtime tweets, from the global level all the way down to your neighborhood.
Follow ships through US coastal waters using a distributed cluster of the MapD Core database to visualize over 11 billion rows of geospatial data.
Explore every taxi ride in NYC over the last 7 years, constituting 1.2 billion records in total. We've also joined every NYC store within 30 meters of a pickup or dropoff, data courtesy of Factual.